The EZ Way To Delete Pesky Spam Comments from Your WP Blog in Seconds!

We all hate those Pesky WP Bot Comments That Invade Our Lives!

It’s time we took a stand and did something about it.
Shall we?

We develop and manage SO many websites that it’s important to find quick and EZ solutions to maintain things around these parts.

One of my favorite Go-To tools to delete Wp Bot Submitted Comments is a Plugin Called “Wp-Optimize”

I love it because It has SO many options when it comes to managing and optimizing your WordPress posts and database.

Here are the main 2 buttons you need to know about:

Clicking these two buttons will help you delete all of those unwanted comments in an instant.

There are many other super cool features in Wp-Optimize, but we’ll save those for another time!

Be sure not to click any of the other buttons you don’t know because you might do damage to your WordPress Database and then you’ll “really” be calling us.

Hope that helps!

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