Do These 4 Things FIRST if Your Site Is Loading Slow!

It’s like a nightmare! Your website loads slower than a dial-up connection in 1997! You want to get tons of traffic to your site, but you know no one is going to stay through this misery! You have a web “guy” but they tell you that it’s already optimized the best that it can possibly […]

The EZ Way To Delete Pesky Spam Comments from Your WP Blog in Seconds!

We all hate those Pesky WP Bot Comments That Invade Our Lives! It’s time we took a stand and did something about it. Shall we? We develop and manage SO many websites that it’s important to find quick and EZ solutions to maintain things around these parts. One of my favorite Go-To tools to delete […]

Struggle With Delegating Clearly?

Know the secret to clear communication? [ 1 question can change everything? ] “I’ve had it!” “Done!” “My staff never gets me!!!” This sound like you? If you manage a team, these thoughts may invade your mind like Clash of Clans. “Why won’t they just take action?” If you find yourself having to: – do […]