Why You Should Hold Weekly Performance Reviews

It is important in every company to create a learning and motivating environment for their employees. In order to do this, it is recommended that yearly performance reviews (as practiced in traditional companies) should be replaced with PDIs or Personal Development Interviews that can be held weekly, twice a week or once a month at […]

The Ultimate Roadmap To Your Business Success Online

Many business owners out there are skeptical of website and marketing strategy for good reason. They’ve been abandoned, they’ve been kept in the dark, they’ve paid good money only for developers to “disappear” on them. We welcome many clients that have been out in the jungle alone, fighting for results and to make sense of […]

How To Keep Yourself Informed

It is important to always keep yourself informed and updated with current events and industry news every day and whenever there is opportunity. Other than business books and articles, there are also other means of feeding yourself with info everyday such as podcasts, apps like Pocket, Feed.ly, Flipboard, and so much more.   What books […]

5 Top Ways to Become More Productive

Increase your productivity by employing these steps: 1) Get lost – Get lost in your work and when necessary, be at a place where you can focus more and be at your best productivity. You can set-up a small office at home, wear headphones, go to a cafe, etc. 2) Don’t answer the phone – […]

How To Maintain Your Brand’s Luster

To maintain a brand’s “in” status with the masses, it should always look for new, interesting ways to innovate. Without innovation, a brand loses its luster and becomes boring to the consumer. Brands must always be up-to-date with the latest trends, not to mention, they must also find ways to be at par with their […]

How To Cultivate Controversy Through Branding

As stated in the examples given on the article, controversies can be seen in a negative or positive light depending on who you are talking to, but you can always make them work for you and your brand. How? As long as your brand’s core values are intact, and you know your target market well, […]

How To Be Inspired by Disney’s Branding

Disneyland started small and local and ended up being one of the most massive businesses around, with solid marketing and sales.To create a solid brand just like them, one must employ these strategies in their business, even if you’re just a startup or a local business: 1) Create a world of your own. 2) Stand […]

Why You Need To Stay Away From Toxic People

Dealing with toxic people can be detrimental not only to your mood, but also to your productivity and overall performance. Associate and spend more time with people who motivate you, people who inspire you to do well. However, do not totally restrict yourself from toxic people in your work, rather, spend less time with them […]

Why You Need Self-Discipline To Be Successful

Self-discipline is power. When you stick to a routine or a habit, or commit to a deadline, it helps you achieve more in life and at work. It also helps you become more productive and aids you in achieving your other life passions as well. A person with self-discipline easily gets the respect and admiration […]

Top 4 Ways To Make Your Customers Happy

How do we make our customers/clients happy? It is whenever we give them EXACTLY what they want. Not what we want and definitely not what we want them to want…but what they truly want. And how do we achieve that in our team? Here are the 4 roles we must establish: Leadership role – Identify […]