How To Find Your “Sweet Spot”

Prove you offer “money-at-a-discount”. Show the prospect such a large, compelling return on investment that he or she couldn’t say no, regardless of the price, and provide a preponderance of proof that the bargain was real. What’s your company’s sweet spot? Share it with us below!

How To Look At Marketing With Fresh Eyes

Do not be afraid to try something new or radical for your business. Most business owners who have made millions are those who weren’t afraid to jump right in and venture into something different than the usual. Aside from being different, they thrived at it by offering massive value and benefits to their customers. Have […]

What You Need To Know About Time Management

Time is money. If you don’t value your time then don’t expect others to value it either. Don’t even expect for things to get done efficiently, if you do not know how to value your time. One must know how to use his time as efficiently as possible. As a team member, we only get […]

How To Effectively “Move Ideas”

Recycle ideas, take out the bad elements and make them better! Practical creativity will help you here as long as you know where to look. Use tried and tested formulas, customize these for your brand and use them to your advantage. This way, you won’t have to spend countless hours thinking of the next big […]

How To Become a “Master Delegator”

Good enough is good enough. A simple task doesn’t have to be extra perfect especially when good enough delivers the same results. Learn how to delegate simple tasks to your teammates and trust that they will perform well. If you hover around them like a crazy person, they’d be overwhelmed and demotivated to act properly. […]

Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

Your time is your most precious possession because once given, you can never take back. So you must make productive use of it. Here are 5 tried and tested techniques: 1. Create and use lists 2. Use tickler files or contact management apps or programs to manage client follow ups 3. Minimize or eliminate meetings […]

Keep Your Customers Happy With This 2-Step Process

The 2-step process involves: 1. Train your entire team to deliver exceptional customer service 2. Reinforce your customer service expectations with your team consistently It is not enough that you “satisfy” your customers/clients–you should go above and beyond all the time and provide “exceptional” service. “Good enough” is not option, hence this is keeping you […]

Why You Should Hold Weekly Performance Reviews

It is important in every company to create a learning and motivating environment for their employees. In order to do this, it is recommended that yearly performance reviews (as practiced in traditional companies) should be replaced with PDIs or Personal Development Interviews that can be held weekly, twice a week or once a month at […]

The Ultimate Roadmap To Your Business Success Online

Many business owners out there are skeptical of website and marketing strategy for good reason. They’ve been abandoned, they’ve been kept in the dark, they’ve paid good money only for developers to “disappear” on them. We welcome many clients that have been out in the jungle alone, fighting for results and to make sense of […]

How To Keep Yourself Informed

It is important to always keep yourself informed and updated with current events and industry news every day and whenever there is opportunity. Other than business books and articles, there are also other means of feeding yourself with info everyday such as podcasts, apps like Pocket,, Flipboard, and so much more.   What books […]