How To Create A “Brand Evangelist”

To create a “brand evangelist”, we must have passion in keeping in touch with our clients, being more personal with them, and becoming proactive and assertive in locking in and automating certain kinds of repeat patronage. This way, we create the committed customer who can then eventually evolve into an evangelist by simply integrating our […]

Why You Need to Start “StorySelling”

Storyselling works for the affluent and not-so-affluent customer/client because of the way it is relatable and creates a feeling that’s “close to home”. Storyselling has a handful of benefits, such as: 1) Simplicity 2) Authenticity 3) Visibility 4) Relevancy   Have you tried “storyselling” for your business? How was it? Let us in with your […]

3 Forces To Create Excitement For Your Business

What forces will pre-sell yourself and your business to the affluent? These 3 forces are collectively called the Business Trifecta, namely; Media, PR and Marketing. These 3 forces should work hand-in-hand and should be balanced accordingly because one without the other is generally not enough to make a sale. All 3 must be put together […]

Top 10 Ways To Make Your Website “Attractive” To The Affluent

Laid out are basics that will make any website “appetizing” to the wealthy customer. It is important to ensure that your website has real valuable information that is easy to grasp, reflecting the brand well, and showcasing its achievements. 1) Personality – Ensure that your website has character and solid branding. Not only is the […]

Why You Need To Have A Mission-Driven Marketing Strategy

Supporting a cause has actually loads of benefits to your business. These benefits include: 1) Increased profits – Customers feel good purchasing from a product or service that actually cares and has a purpose outside of selling. 2) Increased loyalty – Because customers feel good about purchasing from a company that actually cares, mission-driven marketing […]

Top 5 Ways To Generate Income At Will

How do you effectively get leads and extract income from these leads? You must create sales funnels to do the following: 1) Segment your database to discover who is interested in buying and who is more interested in collecting free stuff. 2) Pre-qualify people to segment the ones who are truly interested and qualify for […]

How to Create An Effective Ad or Campaign

When we create ads, promos or online campaigns, it’s important that we tap into an emotion—a storyline that is already running inside your prospect’s head. Effective advertisements are ones that are able to make the recipient “feel” that his/her life is incomplete without this product/service. That’s how powerful emotions are in terms of buying behavior. […]

How To Get Data You Can Use – The Secret Of Asking Your Customers

Your content here… Your content here… The number 1 rule of business: Buy low, sell high. The number 2 rule of business (in my humble, but accurate opinion): Survey. Your. Customers (The number 3 rule of business, in case you’re wondering is, actually listen to what they tell you!) Lets face it, no one in […]

The One Thing That Makes Great Copy

WORDS are the lifeblood of any copy. We should not underestimate its power, because being able to properly convey our message to our target audience gives us the power to sell just about anything. If we create copy that hits the sweet spot of our target audience, it will eventually generate sales.   How do […]

How To Build The “Right Fit” For Your Website

There are key factors to consider when building, optimizing and maintaining your websites: 1) Answer key questions about: a) your target audience, b) features, benefits, c) your purpose/goal, and d) call-to-action. 2) Build your website for today and tomorrow–make sure that it will stand the test of time 3) Take personal charge of your website, […]