Your New Marketing Strategy For 2016

Business owners, It’s vital that your online marketing strategy improves year over year. Sometimes “marketing” and online strategy get placed on the back burner,but savvy businesses understand the importance of having a comprehensiveplan to attract customers and to nurture leads until they are ready to buy yourproduct or service.There are a few key components to […]

Why Business Owners Ignore The Obvious

I’ve worked with many CEO’s and business owners.  What’s most interesting is that many of them openly admitted to not having much marketing knowledge.While that isn’t surprising. What is surprising is the number of them who reject the century old marketing principles and systems I would advise them on using.Instead they typically settle for what […]

[Case Study] VO Properties

I want to congratulate Teresa Vo on her new website: came to us with a vision for how she wanted her business to be presented to the market as she wasn’t happy with her low cost website solution that she had in place.She was apprehensive at first because of all of the website companies […]

Is your business still not mobile?

Is your business still not mobile?FACT: If you aren’t optimized for mobile you’re ultimately losing sales. Based on We are Social’s latest research, more than half of the world’s population now uses a mobile phone. Stats from Pew Internet Project’s study shows that 64% of American adults own a smartphone and 19% of Americans rely […]

What Many CEO’s Fail To Remember

CEO’s and business owners have certain tendancies to overlook what’s staring at them right in their face.I’m not sure what it is.Maybe the thought that taking the longer, harder route in life or in business, will bring more reward.Well in business, the only reward that counts is the reward of more business. More customers.Since most […]

The Single Biggest Reason Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring You New Business

​We are always amazed at how many of our clients have had websites for years with absolutely ZERO results.  One of the biggest fundamental truths in business and or human society is the power of reciprocity.  You give what you want to receive.  And this point brings me back to the main topic of this […]