Three Things That Your Website Needs for Success

Thanks to Google’s latest algorithm – websites considered spammy, unimportant and irrelevant have all seen a drop in their page results. These websites were often guilty of employing ‘black hat SEO techniques’, and these techniques often created a rift between active, responsible sites, and those negative ones. Now, Google have eliminated thousands of these irrelevant […]

The Benefits of Using Traffic to its Maximum Potential

You could have a stunning website, a great price range and an even better list of products – but if you don’t have anyone looking at what you do, then you might as well not do it! In this day and age of online sales and digital marketing, traffic has never been more important – […]

The Benefits of a Mobile Website

In this day and age, mobile websites are becoming less of a bonus, and more of a demand. With over 65% of internet users browsing the web on their tablets and smartphones – it’s now more necessary than ever for a website to be mobile-friendly. On April the 21st, 2015, Google launched a brand new […]

What is Strategic Planning

If you own your own business, you’ll obviously want it to expand in a healthy, constructive fashion. Where many business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to jump in at the deep end and see what happens – others prefer a little more strategy to their actions, and that’s where strategic planning comes in useful. But what […]

Getting to Know Meta Tags, Page Titles and Descriptions

If you’ve never heard of a meta tag before, then you’re definitely not alone. They are rarely referenced, and the only time you may come across one is if you’re developing a website. It’s not just meta tags that go in to website development either; in fact page titles, descriptions and keywords are all unique […]

5 Things That You Might Not Have Known About the Clay Media

We love being a part of our client’s successful businesses, and knowing that our web development services have helped them to find success is a very big deal for us. We also really enjoy our engagement and interaction with our clients, and that’s why we wanted to share a little bit more about ourselves and […]

Trusting your Business to the Right Web Development Team

It’s becoming more and more common within businesses around the world; and not just for the time saving benefits afforded either. Most company owners will opt to have a reliable web development team take control of their online presence, and at The Clay Media, our web design services in Orange County are what really set […]

The Web Design Process at The Clay Media

Our Orange County web development services never stop. Whether our CEO Chris is communicating with our clients, or our web design services team are implementing the latest changes to our client’s sites; there’s always something going on! We prefer to remain as open as possible with our clients, so much so that we wanted to […]

Orange County Website SEO the Natural Way

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly referred to; many businesses are misled by those claiming to be specialists in the area. The term Search Engine Optimization actually refers to enhancing every aspect of a website in order for a search engine to prioritize them within search results. The biggest […]

How Much Content is Too Much Content?

It’s a well-known fact that search engines really love content. In fact they love content so much, that it’s now entirely possible to eliminate most other aspects of search engine optimization in favor of fresh, relevant and exciting content that captivates an audience and leaves them wanting more. After the latest Google algorithm, where many […]